Monday, March 16, 2009

Adobe InContext Editing

When the time past and Adobe bought the Macromedia (18 April 2005) there was a couple of major questions about DW's future in Adobe's hands.

When the time past and Adobe bought the Macromedia (18 April 2005) there was a couple of major questions about Macromedia's products futures in Adobe's hands.

What did just happen since that time was actually very satisfying as all of them became more stronger day by day.

Adobe introduced many other new features which are very useful for every of us who do use those software's for different reasons.

Adobe InContext Editing was one of the greatest feature which came with the Dreamweaver and let web developers create "Editable Regions" in their home pages to edit those areas via regular major web browsers.
There is no charge for the moment for Adobe InContext Editing service.

for people who do currently use Adobe InContext Editing in their web pages.

The Question is " Will Adobe Charge People For InContext Editing?"

is very important for many of those users who did integrated InContext in their sites as they use it free for the moment.
Here is an official answer from Adobe

How much does InContext Editing cost?
While in free preview, InContext Editing is available at no charge. The final pricing for the service has not been determined; however, it will be offered as a monthly or annual subscription with a price of US$10 to US$20 per month. Use of the service will likely be limited to five domains, and users will be able to add domains for an additional fee. The service may be bundled with other value-added services for web professionals. It is up to web professionals how they charge their clients for the service.


Yeah US$10 or US20$, which will become US$120 or US$240 a year for limited domains (maybe 3 domains) and additional fee for more.

Do You Think This Charging Is Fair?
Do you think you can make ur clients pay that money?
Do you think Dreamweaver should have build in paid features?
Do you think you are going to buy it?
Do you think CushyCMS (which makes the same job for free) can not handle the same thing for you?
Do you think you are going to buy DW for US$699 and pay more for InContext or should be inContext for always free as Adobe will not host nothing for us expect of ftp connection information and a couple of line connection reports?

Please let us about your honest opinion...

The same inquiry is posted here on Adobe's Support Forum.